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Tech Talks 8 & 9 in the can

Hayes Scriven in the studio

We were in the studio tonight recording episodes 8 & 9 of Tech Talk with a special guest host, Hayes Scriven (seen above). The topic was "Your Favorite Websites". It went so well that we decided to make it a regular feature.

The episode will be available soon!

Tim Freeland in the Studio

The 2009 Dundas Dukes

dd-ss.jpgIt's baseball season again and the Dukes' website is freshly updated and ready to roll for another year. I really like the look and feel that the Dukes have goin' on. It's really nice and the website is a showcase for some of the nifty tricks that we can do using Drupal.

  • Custom Node Types (Players and Baseball game)
  • Custom PHP for the standings, via a simple user webform
  • Automatically updating schedule views

Check it out!

Tech Talk on iTunes

tech talk on iTunes_300x221.shkl.jpgHey, Tech Talk is up on iTunes now.

Streaming Radio for KYMN!

Hey, BrownDog just completed an installation of streaming radio for KYMN radio!

At right is a screenshot of KYMN streaming over the iPhone.

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