Tech Talks 8 & 9 in the can

Hayes Scriven in the studio

We were in the studio tonight recording episodes 8 & 9 of Tech Talk with a special guest host, Hayes Scriven (seen above). The topic was "Your Favorite Websites". It went so well that we decided to make it a regular feature.

The episode will be available soon!

Tim Freeland in the Studio

Tech Talk #6 - Using Gmail - Google's webmail program

If you're online, you've got at least one email account.  Chances are that you've experienced some sort of e-frustration in the past year - too much spam, lost emails, dropped conversations...  In TT #6 we explore Gmail, Google's approach to email and we talk about the unique ideas and strengths that it contains.  If you want to do email faster, better, and more intelligently you should give #6 a listen.

Click here to listen to this podcast

Tech Talk #5 - Sharing your pictures online with Picasa and Flickr

Everyone has a digital camera nowadays, but what are some good ways to share those pictures with others?  Email it to them?  Print it out and give it to them?   How about uploading it to one of the big photo gallery sites?

In TT#5 we cover Flickr and Picasa, two of the bigger names in the online photo gallery world.  We talk about uploading, sharing, privacy, and even why you'd want to upload them in the first place.

Click here to listen to this episode! 

Tech Talk #4 - All Things Google

Google's online offerings are numerous and trend-setting.  In TT #4 we explore some of Google's web applications (Gmail (webmail), Calendar, and their online office suite) and the benefits of collaboration.

Google has done a good job of leveraging their two main strengths - searching and sharing - to turn the way that we use these tool on their head.

Here's the MP3 file for TT #4!

Tech Talk #3 - Do I need my own website?

TT #3 is out and deals with the question of "Do I need my own website?"

  • What are the advantages of have your own domain name?
  • What are the steps to buying a domain name and creating your own site?
  • Recommendations on finding out 'if you're ready'.

Here's the MP3 file for TT#3...

The 2009 Dundas Dukes

dd-ss.jpgIt's baseball season again and the Dukes' website is freshly updated and ready to roll for another year. I really like the look and feel that the Dukes have goin' on. It's really nice and the website is a showcase for some of the nifty tricks that we can do using Drupal.

  • Custom Node Types (Players and Baseball game)
  • Custom PHP for the standings, via a simple user webform
  • Automatically updating schedule views

Check it out!

Tech Talk on iTunes

tech talk on iTunes_300x221.shkl.jpgHey, Tech Talk is up on iTunes now.

Tech Talk #2: Social Networking - Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

Tech Talk #2 is out and deals with 'Social Networking' - what is it? How do I do it? Do I want to do it?

Tim and Adam discuss all the popular social media sites and how to get involved, what you can do with it, and ways to share/keep some things private.

Tech Talk #2 for May 15, 2009

Tech Talk #1: Choosing between a laptop/desktop/other and PC/Apple/Other

It's the very first Tech Talk where Tim and Adam discuss the pros and cons of laptops vs. desktops (and the new kid on the block 'netbooks') and the ins and outs of the Mac vs. PC (vs Other) debate.

Tech Talk for May 08, 2009

Streaming Radio for KYMN!

Hey, BrownDog just completed an installation of streaming radio for KYMN radio!

At right is a screenshot of KYMN streaming over the iPhone.

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